Task: to create the world’s first disposable coffee brewer which can make 2 cups of coffee on-the-go.

Tons of hours were spent cutting/gluing prototypes, hundreds of patent-drawings were made illustrating the invention. And here it is!
A waterproof, PE-coated kraft paper bag which allows you to make 2 cups of delicious coffee. Inside the pouch is a filter with 20-22 g of freshly grounded specialty coffee. All you need to do is: open, pour 300ml hot water into the pouch, and let it brew for 4 - 8 minutes.

Product development, print production, graphic design, branding, product photos and video.
Following numerous prototypes, the final design overcomes several of the challenges associated with filtering and pouring a hot beverage.
Lightweight and slim, the entire construction is heat-sealed to ensure optimal contact between the water and the grounds for brewing and pouring.
The pour-over method.
A thin, continuous stream of hot water that is slowly delivered, rather than a full dousing, allows the grounds to “bloom” and the optimal taste to be achieved.
The interior pouch is filled to the optimal measure with ground beans from different single-estate coffee farms.
Long lasting and affordable point-of-sale and counter displays made from wood.
Simple and convenient display solution which is foldable from a single piece of cardboard.
Task: to create tea brewer using transparent paper for better visual control of tea level.
The Tea Brewer concept is exclusively based on super premium whole leaf infusion teas.
100% direct contact between the hot water and the whole leaf tea.
The Coffeebrewer and Teabrewer has received several prestigious design awards
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